STB How To Episodes

— Directing, Motion Design, Art Direction

Singapore Tourism Board had a problem. Tourists were savvier than their content. Maps were dated weeks after print, new hotels would pop up every month, shops would close/relocate. 3rd party platforms and businesses we're more abreast than ANY content STB put out. 

So we figured we'd needed to change the perspective of the content. First, it's gotta be evergreen, not seasonal. Second, it has to be easily updated. Third, easily consumed.

After several months of planning and research, STB gave the green light to pilot 5 episodes of evergreen content. With YouTube now becoming a search engine in and of itself, videos look like the right solution.

My role was split between a Director, Motion Designer and Art Director. I worked with Breed to get the shots, 3 extremely reliable freelancers to craft the episodes and 2 next level producers to keep budget and timeline in check. None of the work could have been done without these champs.

To make updating the content less of a pain, we built mograph templates for sections of the video and a little bit of after effects expressions for the copy. 

The series was to be called "How To: ", centering around top of mind concerns for tourists before/during the flight/just arriving in Singapore. It was created to serve as a quick bite with just enough to get you going in Singapore. We crafted 5 of these episodes and they were ready to publish, until the pandemic happened. 

It's now a dead project.

Director: Irsyad Ishak
Co-Director: Keith Kwek
Scriptwriter: Keith Kwek
Production House : Breed / Bolt
Editor: Irsyad Ishak, Hairil Johari
Motion Design: Irsyad Ishak, En Hui
Sound: Intriguant
Client: Singapore Tourism Board
Agency: TBWA Singapore
Agency Producers: Sung Lin Gun, Fazli Jamil, Liew Mei Yun

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