Standard Chartered X-Card

— Advertising

Standard Chartered went metal with the launch of
X-Card. First time ever they've done a black and white ad too.
The X-Card was targetted at the more affluent population, bringing them more exclusive experiences through a more flexible reward card spending system.

It was incredibly rewarding to collaborate with the team to produce the X mark, crafting it's brand behaviour and being able to see the project through to launch.

Client: Standard Chartered Bank
Agency: TBWA\ Singapore
Creative Director: Jimmy Neo
Head of Post Production: Sung Lin Gun
Producer: Fazli Jamil
Edit + Motion Design: Irsyad Ishak


— 30s, 15s, 6s, Aspect Ratios

As with every ad, a set of adaptations we're made for the campaign. A 6 second teaser, a 15 second cut-down and several aspect ratios for social media.

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