— Advertising

The team assembled on this project was immensely fun, hilarious copy, slaptick visuals and a super patient producer. I had to work off stock footage and footage given by SIA and Australia's Tourism.

The script was written and initial rough boards done by the creatives. I worked off that until we hit a comfortable and solid draft. Beyond that it was just polish, adding in music and sfx.

Client: Singapore Airlines
Agency: TBWA\ Singapore + Bolt
Creatives: Tattoo Yar + Kenneth Chong
Studio Head: Sung Lin Gun
Producer: Fazli Jamil
Edit + Motion: Irsyad Ishak
Audio: Fuse

Story Draft

Added here is what was the cut that set
the project off in it's own direction.

Selected Works



HarimauMotion Design

NIGHTRISEMotion Design

CirclesMusic Video

Layers IIMusic Video

SIA x TNTAdvertising